R.E.A.D. Scripture is our initiative to help you engage with the Bible in a more meaningful way by reading, evaluating, applying & discussing scripture. The way it works is simple! Follow the steps & R.E.A.D. acronym below.

1. Sign up to start receiving messages!

2. READ, EVALUATE & APPLY the 4 days of scripture that is texted/emailed to you.

3. Join your weekly online R.E.A.D. discussion group for an up to 45-minute discussion about our evaluation and application of the scripture readings from the week. You will receive a text/email on the day of the meeting with the link to the online group discussion.

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step in growing your engagement with the Bible by signing up to R.E.A.D. Scripture!

R.E.A.D. Acronym


READ the week’s 4 days of scripture that are sent to you by text/email.


EVALUATE the scripture. What stood out to you from the reading? What did you sense God speaking to you?


What next steps will you take to APPLY the scripture in your life? How might you need to change the way you live?


This is the most impactful part! DISCUSS by joining a weekly R.E.A.D. Scripture online discussion group. There aren’t right or wrong answers we are just sharing with each other our evaluation and application from the readings. It’s amazing what happens when we discuss God’s Word together.

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