Stay Engaged; Finish Strong” is our theme. Legacy is a ministry for those 65+ years of age desiring to make a difference and leave a legacy of hope.

The recent events in our world have impacted us all, so it is in times such as these that people of our age can step up and be a blessing to others.  Here’s how we can stay engaged:

  • Prayer is one of the primary ways we can do this.
  •  Look for ways to be a blessing and encouragement to others.  Some creative ways to provide fellowship, hope and encouragement are: phone calls, sending cards, texting, FaceTime – and any other ways the Holy Spirit leads you to minister to and connect with others who are in need.
  • Please join us for our Legacy Chapel nights and other fun events!

Let your “love-light” shine and be a Beacon of Hope!

For More information Contact
Kim Baker