Kingdom Builders 2021 Commitment

Let's join together as One Church in complete unity and live out an urgent generosity in 2021 as Kingdom Builders so everyone can find Jesus!

  • 2021 Giving Amount

    The Kingdom Builders community is made up of individuals and families that prayerfully commit to give, over and above their tithes (10% of their income that supports the day-to-day operations of the church), to grow the Kingdom of God.

  • In either a one time gift or divided over the year, I/we commit to giving an annual amount of:
  • By faith we are believing God for an annual amount of:

  • How To Give

    You can give to the Kingdom Builders fund through any of our 4 giving options. When you give, please indicate the amount designated for "Kingdom Builders."

    Please click the submit button below to complete your commitment. Thank you for being a Kingdom Builder!