It’s time for Family Summer Bingo 2.0! Join many other families at New Life for a summer filled with fun, faith and making great memories!

At the end of the summer, every bingo your family completes is an entry to WIN A FAMILY TRIP TO THE ZOO!

How to participate:

1) Fill out this form to receive your family’s Bingo card on opening day of bingo, Sunday, June 4!

2) Date each bingo activity square as you complete it. Each activity counts toward one bingo square.

3) A BINGO is five activity squares in a row and is one entry to the grand prize! 

4) Bring your Bingo card to the family service at the end of the summer to enter your bingos into the grand prize drawing! Someone from your family must be present to win.

5) The grand prize is a family trip to the zoo!

Looking forward to an incredible summer of fun for your family!