The worship team is responsible to work as one cohesive unit to create environments that invite God’s presence to be experienced and inspires the church to passionately worship God.

What We are Looking For in Worship Team Members


Passion for God, active devotional life, desire to inspire rolex milgauss fake vs real others to seek God, open to feedback, committed to growing, etc.


God-given ability and developed skill


The willingness to fulfill the responsibilities of a worship team member. 

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Worship Team Instrumentalist Responsibilities & Commitment”]

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Worship Team Vocalist Responsibilities & Commitment”]

Audition Process

  1. Record Audition Video
  2. Complete application with audition and submit


  1. This is a low tech audition. You can use your smartphone to capture what we need.
  2. Record a video of yourself playing or singing the song.  We need to hear the track and your voice/instrument!
  3. Song must be played from memory.  (no sheet music/chord charts may be used while recording your audition)
  4. Musicians, play your part as recorded in the original track.
  5. Vocalists, sing the melody as recorded in the original track.


  1. Heart of Worship (passion and expression)
  2. Accuracy (play the part from the original track)
  3. Comfortability with the song (preparation)
  4. Musicianship (strength and ability)
  5. Style (feel)
  6. Tone (the right sound)

When you are ready, use the appropriate linked file and record your audition. 

Recording Your Audition:

Instrumentalists, below you will find the track for accompaniment for celine 782492 1 earrings your audition.  For your convenience, we have also supplied the chord charts.

Instrumentalist chord charts

Vocalists, below you will find the track for accompaniment for your audition.  For your convenience, we have provided five keys to choose from. Select the key that best fits your vocal range.

Accompaniment tracks

Completing the Application:

Please click here to complete the application and allow approximately 30 days for evaluation

Worship Team Application