Growth Track

Begins September 9th at the Kearney Campus

Welcome to Growth Track, a guide to help you propel forward in YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  

The Process

  1. Identify Your Current Spiritual Stage by reading the descriptors below and by completing the Growth Track Navigation Survey 
  2. Attend The 75 Minute Orientation designed for your current spiritual growth stage
  3. Participate In A Follow-Up Course designed to help you take critical steps in your spiritual journey

Identify Your Current Spiritual Stage


Step Over The Line – REGISTER

  • Belief comes through relationship with God by GRACE
  • Identity is discovered in SURRENDER to God
  • The Bible PROVES God’s existence
  • Jesus becomes the AUTHORITY


Walk Steady – REGISTER

  • Belief increases through CONFESSION
  • Identity is TRANSFORMED in Christ
  • The Bible holds ANSWERS for today
  • Continued SURRENDER to God brings joy


Run Straight – REGISTER

  • The Bible is the SUPREME authority
  • God is leader over ALL areas of life
  • Identity as a FOLLOWER of Christ is boldly proclaimed
  • Faith grows through TRUSTING God’s grace to accomplish His will


Give It All – REGISTER

  • Identity is TOTAL abandonment to Christ in all areas of life
  • Reading the Bible SUSTAINS passion
  • OBEDIENCE to God’s way fulfills purpose
  • JOY is discovered while helping others experience God’s grace


Growth Track survey – Take the Survey Now!

Attend the 75 Minute Orientation September 9th – Kearney Campus

stepStep Over The Line
Sunday, September 9th, 9:30 am in Room #10 – REGISTER
Walk Steady
Sunday, September 9th, 11:00 am in Room #10 – REGISTER
runRun Straight
Sunday, September 9th, 9:30 am in Room #14 – REGISTER
giveGive It All
Sunday, September 9th, 11:00 am in Room #14 – REGISTER

Follow-up Courses Begin September 16th @ 9:30 am