5 Ways to Get Ready For a Great Easter at Home

This Easter is teed-up to be unlike any other for most people.  God not only hard-wired us to thrive on relational connections that come from physically being together, He also created within us the need for structure.  Both of those have been stripped away, which may tempt us to simply disengage since we cannot control our circumstances. 

However, if we are creative and intentional, we can find a silver lining in the chaos this Easter, and perhaps even create some new traditions that will prove meaningful in the years ahead.  

Here are 5 Ways to Get Ready:

1. Get a Great Music Playlist – Listen to a music playlist that will focus your worship on the power of Easter.  Here is one we put together for you:  CLICK HERE

2. Refresh Your Perspective on the Story – Read the story from the Bible of Jesus’ final week leading up to Easter.  Space out the passages daily until Sunday, or read it with your family all at once before the service.  If you have kids, let them participate in reading and discussing each part of the story.

3. Food, Food, Food! – Prepare a favorite meal to enjoy with those in your home before or after the online Easter worship experience.

  • Plan ahead and use grocery pick-up or delivery.
  • Contact the church office to get details about having New Lifers deliver your groceries.

4. Put Jesus on Your Calendar – Seriously! Pick an Easter worship experience to attend online and make an appointment with God on your calendar!

  • Figure out your technology ahead of time to connect to our online campus
  • Consider going through a modified routine of “getting ready” for the service so you feel fresh and energized.
  • Take a picture of everybody joining the service with you.
  • If you have kids or grandkids, engage with the NEWLIFE Kids Weekend experience.

5. Say “Yes” to the Invitation to Invite! – Invite a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor to join an Easter service.

  • Share the link to our church online platform https://mynewlife.churchonline.org or CLICK HERE to see how to invite someone directly from our platform.
  • If this was their first time, follow-up with them after the service or the next day.

This season should cause each follower of Jesus to look forward with anticipation to the day when we can once again worship together and in-person!  Until then, we can remind ourselves of the parallels we have with the believers who were there when the Easter story played out. After Jesus was crucified and buried, the disciples were quarantined in their homes, thinking Jesus was permanently entombed.  But we know the rest of the story!

Chris Puccini
Executive Pastor