16 At-Home Date Night Ideas

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to give up date night! Spending intentional time with your significant other in your own space can still be exciting, meaningful, and exactly what you need after a week of working from home, taking care of the kids, or being out on the job. Here is a list of 16 at-home date ideas for you to try the next time you need a date that will work without leaving the house! 

  • Double Date with a Netflix Party — use the new Netflix Party platform to watch a movie with friends from the comfort of your own home and chat while you do, just like if you were whispering back and forth in the same room!
  • Make a Five Course Meal — if you’re feeling adventurous plan a night of cooking together and get fancy with multiple courses and extravagant ingredients to try.
  • Dive Into Personality Tests — ever heard of the Enneagram? Spend time taking some of the most popular personality tests out there and laughing and learning about each other the rest of the night.
  • Have a Romantic Night In — order takeout from your favorite restaurant and get dressed up.
  • Get Educated — sign up for an online art or cooking class and spend the night tackling it.
  • Puzzle Party — get a big, difficult puzzle and spend the night working on it. Just don’t get too frustrated when it isn’t fun anymore!
  • Cooking Competition — host a competition between the two of you for who can make the best main course…with just the ingredients currently in your pantry!
  • Get A Date Night Box — plan ahead and subscribe to a date night box service like Happily Co. and have a great date night every month.
  • Work Out Together — go running, lift weights, or walk the dog to relax both your mind and body.
  • Stargaze — grab a blanket and some pillows and lay out under the stars on a clear night in your backyard.
  • Ice-Cream for Dinner — achieve your childhood dream of grabbing supplies and making giant sundaes for dinner! Leave no toppings behind!
  • Picnic in the Living Room — have all the fun of a picnic within your four walls. Lay a blanket down, pack some sandwiches, and spend time pretending you’re in Lake McConaughy, Harmon Park, Cody Park…or even Central Park!
  • Bonfire or Outdoor Fire Pit — build a fire and roast marshmallows or hotdogs. Your hair will smell like smoke, but it’ll be worth it.
  • Spa Night — plan a night of pampering, from face masks to shoulder massages to sitting around in robes, get to the height of luxury and relaxation!
  • Make a Charcuterie Board — grab your favorite local meats and cheeses, chips and dips, and create a big meat and cheese board for dinner.
  • Build A Fort & Watch a Movie — go old school with some pillows and blankets and build a fort in your living room, then sit in it and watch a movie together.