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Pave The Way West Side Construction Project

When we launched the East Venue we instantly created 300 more seats for people to come and worship with us at one Sunday morning time slot. We have seen incredible growth since launching the East Venue and have watched our entire church grow!

With the completion of construction on the new west parking lot and entrances, we now have the correct ratio of parking spots for number of seats.


Three critical objectives were accomplished:

  • We now have more room for more people to come and hear the life-transforming message of Jesus.
  • The west side of our facility is now appealing and highly useful.
  • This expansion allows for virtual circumvention of our facility and brings purpose to ground that was not being used effectively.

Project cost- $750,000

This is a great opportunity to invest in God’s Kingdom and to invest in people finding Jesus! Please pray and seek God’s direction for your needed participation .

To make your pledge online click the link below or pick up a pledge card from the church.
Thank You!

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