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Pave The Way for more to come!

A couple of years ago when we launched The Venue, we instantly created 300 more seats for people to come and worship with us at one Sunday morning time slot. We have seen incredible growth since launching The Venue and have watched our entire church grow! This is a blessing, just like when a child grows. However, when a child grows, you have to keep purchasing longer pants and bigger shoes. We find ourselves in a similar situation with a forecast of continued growth to come in the future, God willing. We now have more seats in our facility for people to worship with us than we have parking for them to come.

There have been many Sundays where parking is slim, less then 7% vacancy. This has the tendency to frustrate new people and stifles our future growth.

Q:  So, where do we need to start?
A:  Update the west side of the church to include more parking spots with two new entrances.


As shown in the above photos, three critical objectives will be accomplished:

  • We will have more room for more people to come and hear the life-transforming message of Jesus.
  • The west side of our facility will now be appealing and highly useful.
  • This expansion will allow for virtual circumvention of our facility and bring purpose to ground currently not being used effectively.

By focusing our attention on the west side of the facility, we will be able to create flat parking, ideal for handicap accessible and senior parking with at-grade entrances. We will also be able to parallel park on 28th Avenue, which will be closer to a church entrance than parking in the east lot.

Details of the “Pave the Way” campaign:

  • 156 more parking stalls
    • 6 additional handicap accessible parking stalls
    • More senior accessible parking
  • Proper parking to seating ratio
  • Closer parking to the building
  • 2 new entrances on the main level
  • Projected cost under $750,000

This is a great opportunity to invest in God’s Kingdom and to invest in people finding Jesus! Below is the financial breakdown – we ask you to seriously pray and seek God’s direction for your needed participation.

# of People Amount of Pledge 36 Month Commitment
70 $1,725 $48/month
35 $3,450 $96/month
20 $6,900 $192/month
8 $13,800 $383/month
5 $27,600
1 $40,000
1 $80,000
Grand Total: $747,900


Please be in prayer for how you can participate in “Pave the Way” so more can hear the Good News of Jesus!

To make your pledge online, click the link below or pick up a pledge card at the church.

If possible, please turn in your pledge on or before June 5th to help us meet project deadlines. Thank You!

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