Iron Man Hike



Equipment List and Trip Details

Overview:  In life, when a man sees a mountain standing in his way, he has a few choices:  turn around, go around, or conquer!  This is true with a physical mountain, but is supremely real when it comes to the challenges that face the man of God in his marriage, family, finances, relationships, ministry, and vocation.  This may sound overly philosophical for the foundation of getting a group of men together to conquer a hike over fourteen thousand feet, but this idea is not original.  Jesus modeled making physical experiences powerful teaching metaphors for spiritual transformation.  So… if you think you have it in you to join a group of New Life men and take on two fourteeners in one day, I dare you to join us.  We will push our bodies to the limits!  Then, together we will make the spiritual applications of what it looks like to conquer the spiritual mountains of authentic Christ-centered manhood.  REGISTER HERE

WARNING:  This is a very strenuous hike at altitude, so you need to be in good physical condition.  Since we all live in the flatlands, find a place with hills or stairs to workout now.  If you have any reservation or questions, contact Chris Puccini at