Four Stages


Step Over The Line

  • Belief comes through relationship with God by GRACE
  • Identity is discovered in SURRENDER to God
  • The Bible PROVES God’s existence
  • Jesus becomes the AUTHORITY


Walk Steady

  • Belief increases through CONFESSION
  • Identity is transformed in Christ
  • The Bible holds ANSWERS for today
  • Continued SURRENDER to God brings joy


Run Straight

  • The Bible is the SUPREME authority
  • God is leader over ALL areas of life
  • Identity as a FOLLOWER of Christ is boldly proclaimed
  • Faith grows through TRUSTING God’s grace to accomplish His will


Give It All

  • Identity is TOTAL abandonment to Christ in all areas of life
  • Reading the Bible SUSTAINS passion
  • Obedience to God’s way fulfills purpose
  • JOY is discovered while helping others experience God’s grace


Identify Your Current Spiritual Stage

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